Most Famous Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin CheatsAre you an avid Club Penguin player? Are you willing to spend thousands of coin collections you win in Club Penguin or are you thriving to get richer? Whether you want to get rich or invest your coins the right way, this is the right article for you. Here we will teach you about the most popular club penguin cheats that will help you collect heaps and heaps of coins and spend them on your igloo decor by unlocking different codes.

100 Coin:

If you are a member of Club Penguin, go to the Ski Lodge and buy the fishing rod available there. Catch grey and yellow fish, as many as you can. In the end, select a yellow fish you will find in front of Mallet, a big red fish. Once you do that, you will find in your store a bonus of 100 coins.

Pizzatron- 300 Coins:

To collect more than 300 coins, follow this simple cheat. Open the Pizza Parlor in the game. Select the level and move it towards the candy. As the lever touches the candy you will earn a bonus of 300 coins.

Jet Pack Adventure:

Open the lighthouse beacon in Club Penguin. Walk towards the launch pad and select Yes. Keep playing the game without collecting any coins. Play the game in the launch pad this way and once you finish you would have collected 1000 plus coins. This cheat is the best way to get rich quickly. More information about the jet pack cheat can be found here:

Bean Counters:

Go towards the coffee shop in Club Penguin. Go to the coffee beans and select Yes. Then select the edge of the bottom line of the bag that a penguin is holding. Click on difficulty. The greater the difficulty, the more coins you will be able to earn. After you unlock a bonus of 60 coins, you can unload all your trucks. You will also earn an extra reward for being a “perfect employee”.

Puffle Roundup:

Click on the Pet Shop. Walk towards the door that says “staff only” and select “yes”. Try to gather all the puffles you can within 20 seconds. This will help you earn about 50 coins.

DJ3K money:

Club Penguin PlazaMove the cursor towards the night club. Walk over towards the DJ decks, click on yes. Make some random clicks by ensuring that every effect available in on. If the effects are on, the penguins will rock out to their maximum. The higher the rocking pace, the better the amount of coins you earn.

Cart Surfer:

Open the mine club. Walk towards the carts and select yes. Continue playing the game. Do grind, handstand and backflip and all the turns. If you want to do a backflip, move the cursor up and press the space button. This cheat gets you 100 extra coins. For a handstand, select the up arrow key two times.

It is important to note that tricks and cheats should be used consecutively, because if you use the same trick more than once in a row, you will keep reducing the number of coins you earn.